Luna ID Privacy Policy

Lunascape Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting the Personal Information voluntarily given by our users, and protect it based on the following policies:

  1. Acquisition of Personal Information

    ・When collecting Personal Information, we will clearly inform you of the intended purpose, and will not use for any other purposes than the stated purpose.

  2. Limitation of using Personal Information

    ・We will not use your Personal Information for any other purposes other than the purpose informed at the registration, except in following cases.
    1. Required by law
    2. Permission is granted by users

  3. Management of Personal Information

    ・We shall prevent the loss, falsification, tarnishment, or leakage of Personal Information due to illegal access, system failure, or human error.

  4. Reference of Personal Information / Provision of compilation method

    ・The registered Personal Information may be kept in our system. If requested, we will provide method to display, modify and delete within the reasonable range, but in case of unexpected system failure, the system will shut down temporarily.

  5. We shall comply with laws and regulations with regard to the handling of Personal Information, and shall periodically review and improve our policy as provided above.

Lunascape Co., Ltd.
 Hidekazu Kondo (Founder and CEO)