Terms and conditions for Lunasccape service

Please follow below service terms and conditions to use our Lunascape Inc. service. There are also individual terms and conditions which are part of the agreement, therefore please make sure to agree will all of them. Individual terms and conditions will have priority when it conflicts with this statement and both will apply for other conditions. It will be considered that you have agreed to our terms and conditions once you use our service.

1. Services offered by Lunascape

Lunascape will provide various services but will not be responsible for service quality or any result from using our service. Lunascape Inc. will provide the raw information (data, information and contents) supplied by the uses and will not be responsible for managing or observing these contents. Lunascape Inc. will not assure the secure ness of information provided by the 3rd party, therefore users must consider this on their own risk.

Our service is designed for the use of Japanese inside Japan. In any case that the user will provide technical information to abroad, he/she must obey the suitable law. For those who might use our service from abroad must follow their area regulation.

2. Use of services

1) Users are banned to do followings.

  • Actions such as posting or registering information which constitutes or contains false or misleading statements
  • Corrupted use of other peoples name and information.
  • Any information which will have bad influence to minors.
  • Violating any kind of intellectual property rights.
  • Disgrace of stranger or violation of privacy and portrait right.
  • Committing or relating with any crime.
  • Interruption of our over all service level.
  • Using our service as business. (except for those which are confirmed separately)
  • Any action against law or common public policy.
  • Any other action that Lunascape Inc. considers inadequate from logical point of view.

2) Once the user violates our terms and conditions, Lunascape Inc. has the right to modify the information to the adequate level and ban or delete the user from our system.

3) Lunascape Inc. might cancel this service or change/cancel the user LunaID. Lunascape Inc. will not be responsible of anything in any of this case.

4) This service might temporally stop without notice for urgent and normal maintenance. Lunascape will not be responsible of any damage from being temporally unusable by having maintenance or any other reasons.

3. Handling of personal information

We will not sell or lend provided individual information. Although we might disclose such information in below situation.

1) By having agreement from users of the information.

2) In any case that it is vital to disclose to provide service or products.

3) In any case that out sourced company needs the information to provide its service. (I will only have limited access to this information and Lunascape Inc. will inform the users if there is any case that this company will have more access.)

4) requested from official body such as court or polis.

5) When the user has violated our guideline and Lunascape Inc. finds the need to protect its asset or services.

6) any urgent need which will affect peoples asset or life.

4. Handling of intellectual property rights

1) User will take great care of the information provided by Lunascape Inc. or by the 3rd party.

2) The information provided by user will be treated as its copy right, distribution right, translation right, etc will be belonging to Lunascape Inc. User may not claim for its moral right.

5. Restriction of liability

1) User will use the service of Lunascape Inc. with his/her own risk. Lunascape Inc. will not be responsible for any issues using our service and the user must be responsible for any damage, loss, etc. Lunascape Inc. will not be responsible for any claim, opinion, damage, request, etc which follows below.

  • The contents, quantities, and properties of products and services purchased or obtained by this service.
  • Execution of the contract concluded through our service.
  • This Service satisfies the purpose or request of users.
  • The Service will not be disrupted
  • The Services will be provided in a timely manner
  • There is no kind of defect in the Services

2) User will agree to take all responsibility and will not require Lunascape Inc. and its related company to rest any burden which includes loss, responsibility, cost (including lawyer cost) from its transaction with 3rd party.

Lunascape Inc. will not be responsible for the link on our web site therefore we will not be related to any issues occurred through the linked web site.

6. Other

1) When ever ) Lunascape Inc. informs our users, it will be done through our homepage Lunascape Inc.(http://www.lunascape.jp). (including placing a link to our information page on Lunascape Inc. web site) In any case we need to contact the individual user, we will only email to each users registered email address. Also, we will estimate that our message has been informed to the users after 24 hours of posting it on the web site.

2) Our terms and condition will follow Japanese law. Any issues between Lunascape Inc. and our users will be considered through Tokyo District Court.